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2051 Timberman Road, Hamilton, OH 45013
Office Hours Monday -Friday , 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: 513.867.5835   Fax: 513.867.5954

Emergency- Immediate Threat to Life and/or Property- Dial 911

Non-Emergency Dispatch of Ranger: Call Butler County Sheriff at 513.785.1300

After Hours Non-Emergency Chief Ranger:
After Hours Non-Emergency Maintenance Issues:

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General Information, Reservations and Accounting
General Email
Tracy Braun, Sr. Manager of Financial & Visitor
Tara Love, Manager of Visitor
Lavon Hall, Visitor Services
Beth Buckman, Visitor Services Technician-Front
Jenny Conrad, Financial Services
Theresa Hammerle, Visitor Services Technician-Front

Community Relations
Ashley Keith, Community Relations
Kelly Barkley, Sr. Manager of Community

Social and Business Outings
Voice of America MetroPark in West Chester Township
Ronald Reagan Lodge
Phone: 513.755.4402
            Facility & Event Manager: Ext. 2
            Visitor Services: Ext. 3
            Sports Field Conditions: Ext. 4
            Event Hosts: Ext. 5
            General Messages: Ext. 6
            For Reservations call: 513-867-5835
Fax: 513.755.4403

Claudia Whitacre, Facility & Event
Amanda Gaspara, Visitor Services

Park Connections
Cristy Carter-Trammell, Supervisor of Park Connections
Allison Wagner, Special Events
Programs and Special
Lynette Dean, Program
Lara Askill, Program
Kathy Edelen, Program
Bonny Seegmueller, Program
Kelsey Sturgill, Program
Christine Gates, Program
Arrington Joyner, Park Connections
Deborah Stewart, Program

Operations (Maintenance and Land Stewardship)
Tony Carpenter, Supervisor of

East Zone
Voice of America MetroPark in West Chester Township
Lake Area
Voice of America Park - Athletic Field Complex (Fall 2014)
Wiggly Field Area

Matt Stevens, Sr. Park Manager of VOA
Bryan McBride, Assistant Park
Charlie Rice, Maintenance Crew Leader

Central Zone
Rentschler MetroPark in Fairfield Township
Timberhill Activity Area
Line Hill Mound Activity Area
Canal Road River Access Area

Sebald Park in Madison Township

Chrisholm MetroPark in Madison Township
Chrisholm Historic Farmstead
Woodsdale Regional Park

Dudley Woods in Liberty Township

Four Mile Creek MetroPark in St. Clair Township
Antenen Nature Preserve Area

Gilmore MetroPark in Fairfield/Hamilton
Gilmore and Seward Road Areas
Berk Boulevard Area

Joe Morrison, Park
Open, Assistant Park Manager
Joe Liechty, Maintenance Crew Leader

West Zone
Bryan Urban, Park
Nick Smith, Assistant Park
Michele Halcomb, Maintenance Crew Leader
Governor Bebb MetroPark in Morgan Township
Dry Fork Campground Area
Pioneer Village Area
Natural Areas (N/W/E)
Dare House Area

Indian Creek MetroPark in Reily Township
Pioneer Church Area
Springfield Road Area (upper)
Oxford- Reily Road Area (lower)
Bunker Hill Cemetery Area
Pater Park Area

Forest Run MetroPark in Ross Township
Engel House Area (Administrative Offices)
Wildlife Preserve Area

Land Stewardship Unit
Kevin Clements, Environmental Projects

Division of Public Safety & Law Enforcement
Dan Bower, Chief

Board, Administration and Planning
Board of Park
Jonathan Granville, Executive
Jason Shamblin, Deputy
Barbara Bush, Executive
Amy Pellman, Adminstrative
Tony Nasser, Park Planner/Project

Check out March and April Program Offerings under General Information -Program Guides
Pioneer Church is now closed for the winter and will re-open in April 2015.
The 2015 FREE VOA Practice Fields Reservation Notice & Field Request Form is now available -1.7.15.....SEE NEWS
A Request for design proposal for Voice of America Park Athletic Complex Irrigation System Design 2015 has been posted...SEE NEWS
The GMRRT is closed due to flooding from the 122 Bridge to approximately mile south. Barricades are placed blocking the path in this location
Social Outings Professinal Outings
Administrative Office 2051 Timberman Road     |     Hamilton, Ohio 45013     |     (513) 867-5835