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  • Education Programming-please visit the Events tab for a schedule of all of the wonderful programs scheduled at park sites throughout the county
  • Outreach Programming-Staff and volunteers of MetroParks are available to provide a variety of programs at your location or for your group, company or organization. Please call the office at 513.867.5835 to discuss your options with a staff member.
  • Educational Program Guide

MetroParks of Butler County offers a variety of educational programs for all ages. Program opportunities include both natural and cultural and are led by MetroParks Interpreters, experienced educators and skilled volunteers.

Most programs are open to the public, however some are by registration only and may include a program fee. Visitors to all programs are required to have a valid MetroParks Motor Vehicle Permit to enter the park. Go to online services to register for a program or to purchase a Motor Vehicle Permit.

Parents: MetroParks strives to provide excellent and entertaining educational programs. With the passage of the levy, MetroParks staff is hard at work planning more educational programs so watch the website and emails for more details!

Teachers: MetroParks has been providing outstanding educational field trips for years that combine learning with hands-on activities that truly make our field trips memorable! The MetroParks staff understands the appropriate content for grades levels and to keep them up-to-date with state guidelines. If you don't see what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us and the staff can work with you to plan a program suited to your needs!

Possible field trips include visiting the historic Pioneer Village at the Governor Bebb Preserve and make wax candles or corn husk dolls and play authentic pioneer games! Or maybe visit the Chrisholm Historic Farmstead near Trenton for the Amish Suitcase program! All facillities offer restrooms and picnic areas for lunch. Wildlife will be incorporated whenever possible!

"Best field trip in 30 years of teaching!!"-Ms. Schmidt, 3rd grade teacher (10/15/10)

"This is my 8th year coming... it remains my (and my class') favorite field trip." --teacher from C.O. Harrison

"Please continue to offer the school program because our students talk about Governor Bebb for years after their visit." --2nd grade teacher (5/7/10)

To Schedule Your Field Trip today, call 513.867.5835 and ask for the Program Staff or email to

Outreach programming: MetroParks is always willing to come to you! Our nature programs are great for seniors, daycare centers, scouting meetings and more! Call the office to talk to someone to schedule a Naturalist to bring the great outdoors to you and your facililty!

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